Before joining the agency world, I spent over a decade as a journalist. Much of that time was spent chronicling the ad business. Here are some of my favorite stories:


Call centers are weird, fascinating places. One was brave enough to invite me inside. The resulting piece is one of the articles I’m proudest of. 


In 2007, it was still possible to write the sentence: "Success in social media, I quickly discovered, is being comfortable with the proposition that every single waking thought and feeling you have is important enough that other people will want to read it. It was in the service of a story about SEO, which in my opinion was rather prescient in informing the world what media whores we'd all become.


Another story of mine that was far-seeing is, Think Different: Maybe the Web is Not a Place to Stick Your Ads.” It foresaw the content revolution and it features one of my favorite leads—“Steve Jobs hates the Internet."


I've also written about other stuff, including:


A personal essay on a tubing trip in New Jersey for The Awl.


An expose of a guy who faked a Twitter account for Cormac McCarthy, the famously technophobic author of “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men” for The Atlantic Wire.